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vendredi 20 mars 2015

Surrounded by historical mideival sites, vineyards and castles, and offering a pleasant boat harbour and campground area, this small french town does not disappoint.

The next time you are en route to your holiday destination, whether to the sea, or a big city such as Toulouse or Bordeaux… stop here to explore our lovely region l’Entre-deux-Mers (Between two seas)… For a Sunday walk, a bicycle ride, or a boating excursion- Our village, on the left bank of the Garonne and with a canal passing through it has much to offer and more.
At our little lake and nautical park , you will find a peaceful place to relax or to enjoy various activities.
Situated ideally at the entrance of the canal, and right along the Green Road (a pathway that stretches from one coast to the other welcoming numerous bikers, walkers, and campers alike) is a restful haven covered in green.
A charming pavillion offering food and drink, a small beach and swimming area, playgrounds and picnic tables, all bathed in warmth and sunshine during the summer months… our peaceful country village awaits you !
Stay at a bed and breakfast in town, a chalet in the park, or in your own camping car :

The choice is yours- a day full of outdoor activities or a rest in the shade of a tree, in either case you will be surrounded by nature and all of it’s beauty !

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